In this lesson we discover how to play an F Sharp (F#) major chord on the piano

To play an F# Major chord, you’ll need three black notes: F sharp, A sharp, and C sharp, or F#, A#, C#.

On a chord chart, the F Sharp Major chord will be labeled like: F#. Even though we call it F Sharp Major, the symbol for the sharp is used, and the word “major” is removed.

To find the chord, locate the group-of-three black notes. The F# is the lowest note (the left side of the group, and the A# is the highest black note (the right side of the group). The C# is the lowest note (the one on the left) of the group-of-two black notes.

To play these chords like a pianist, your left hand pinky will play the F#, the middle finger will play the A#, and the thumb will play the C#.

Your right hand thumb plays the F#, the middle finger plays the A#, and the pinky plays the C#.


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