How to play the A Minor Chord on the piano.

The A minor chord is made up of three white notes with a black note in the middle: A, C, and E

When reading a chord chart or fake book, the A minor chord will look like Amin. Other variations in chord charts or fake books include: a, A mi, a min, A-, and a-. The dash, min, and mi are all used for minor.

It’s easiest to find the C and E first. They are the white notes on either side of the group-of-two black notes. E is on the right side, and C is on the left side. The A is three notes lower from the C (counting the C too). Using the black notes, you can find it by locating the group-of-three black notes. Looking at the two highest notes on the group of three, play the white note in between those two. That is the A.

To play the A minor chord like a pianist, use this fingering pattern:

Right thumb on A, middle finger on C, and pinky on E.

Left pinky on A, middle finger on C, and thumb on E.

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